New Year’s Eve; new opportunities, new avenues to explore, at least that is how I viewed it before.  This New Year’s Eve was different.  The fireworks went off as usual, the neighbors shot off roman candles next door, the fire truck went up and down with its siren wailing…all like usual.  The only thing that was different is that the meter reader had left my gate open.  Mercedes, the Black Lab hates fireworks and thunder.  With the gate open, she naturally ran.

Mercedes was gone for two days.  We were told by the Police that she had been seen crossing the Interstate twice.  Numerous trips through neighborhoods were made, calling her name. We talked to people who had seen her.  They couldn’t catch her nor could anyone else.

In my desperation, and in my experience as a pet sitter, I knew that I had to duplicate my actions as many times as I could ….and fast.

Who is everywhere, all the time?  Newspaper delivery and pizza delivery were in the business of being all over the city.  I tearfully made a quick poster of Mercedes with my phone number on it and gave it to every delivery person in the city (which was a quick task considering the size of the town I live in).  The next morning, 6:00 am I got a call from a delivery person that she had my dog in an alley.  We rushed over, found her and put her safely into the car.  All thanks to a delivery person who cared.

Five Tips for finding a lost dog:

  1. Always have your dog wearing a collar and current tags (a microchip isn’t a bad idea either!).
  2. Make a flyer with a good photo of your dog.  Post it everywhere.
  3. Add a pic to a text and send it to everyone you know.
  4. Talk to teachers, groomers, vets and the local shelters
  5. Report your pet missing to your local animal tech at the police department.

Get as many people involved as possible…and you will have a happy ending too.

Marjorie Leon

Fetch Pet Care of the Grand Valley